7 Steps to Conscious Health

As a result of this training, you'll see it really is possible for you to be healthier and happier than ever before once you understand what your body is doing.

Learn the very best research which explains how the mind and body are intimately connected and how the body doesn't react randomly and is in fact, extremely logical (hence the term "bio-logical" – i.e it all makes sense)

Be guided through how to identify and release stress & trauma for yourself or another so you can start to feel the benefits immediately, without needing to learn complicated techniques or lofty theory.

Get expert support to put together a health plan that integrates all aspects of your health into a workable health practice that will align with your body, your needs and your health goals – there’s no generic plans around here!

Step One Know Where You Are

Ownership - Take ownership of your health – It's NOT something that 'happens to you'!

  • Be clear where you are in your health journey so that you can choose your health direction
  • Create a plan that puts YOU in the picture and in control so that you are empowered to orchestrate your own 'health symphony'
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses so that every day is a step on your health journey

Step Two Know How You Got There

Permissions - Stop giving away your power and give yourself permission to succeed.

  • What has predisposed you to certain patterns and symptoms
  • How to identify your blind spots and discover what's been holding you back so that you stop going round and round in circles in the same old problems
  • Where you are giving away your power so that you can free yourself from other people's issues

Step Three Know Exactly What Is Going On

Triggers & Switches - Understand your symptoms and problems as a series of survival programmes that YOU can control.

  • Understand the intelligence of your body's survival responses
  • Make the connection between stress and your body's response
  • Learn how to send new messages to the brain and body to take control of your 'animal instincts' and subconscious programmes so you can become a 'conscious human' again

Step Four Know Exactly What It Means

Interpret the Message - Identify the specific messages that your body is giving you & listen to its wisdom.

  • Decode your body's messages and symptoms and find out your deeper blocks to success and happiness with our proven 'root-cause-analysis' system
  • Make your symptoms your clues to health and success and go deeper with your mind-maps and
  • Use the latest powerful transformational tools to release old information from your system and update your subconscious programmes

Step Five Know Exactly What To Do About It

Management - Make the message your cue for action and transform your health every day.

  • Practice new skills and develop new powerful resources so that you can quickly take control of stress, symptoms and pain
  • Have a full range of resources available so that you can always choose something that works and will never feel helpless or out of control again
  • Use the messages so that you can go from managing symptoms to preventing them

Step Six Know How To Do It

Understanding the Intelligence of the 2-stage processes of your body to building strength and wisdom.

  • Identify your specific bodily responses so that you can complete the 'demand/recuperation' process and build strength and resilience
  • Determine whether an illness is in the 'demand' or 'recuperation' phase so that can stop the vicious cycle of increasing symptoms and know exactly what to do to assist your body to heal
  • Finally understand how your thoughts and behaviours impact your health and see for yourself how changing your thoughts, triggers and patterns transforms your health

Step Seven Know How To Sustain It To Be Healthy and Happy

Mastery - Use the skills and knowledge you learn in this course to make friends with your body and support your physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Become curious and interactive with your body and be able to prevent stress and illness from occurring
  • Develop your awareness and understanding of the changes in your body so that you can quickly release the trigger responses and return to balance and health
  • Integrate your new skills and knowledge into your daily practice and become your own best friend and health coach so that you can keep your body in a ‘health state’ with energy, happiness and vitality

How much does it cost?

Membership of the website is £49.75 a month or £497.50 for annual membership and you can cancel at any time.

By registering you can gain access to the first step completely free of charge allowing you to try it before deciding whether to subscribe.

What do I get as a paid member?

As a paid member you will have access to all seven steps of the 7 Steps to Conscious Health. We will also be continually adding new 'members only' content.

You will also have free access to any of premium paid live webinars that are hosted throughout the year as well as any resulting recordings.

What if I have questions?

Sam will be hosting regular Question and Answer sessions where you can ask any questions you may have. You can also submit a question to Sam at any time from within the members area.